Credit: Huffington Post-Kristen Rosen Gonzalez

Miami Beach is fighting on the front lines of sea level rise, with Mayor Phillip Levine leading the resort city on a crash public works program to eliminate “sunny day flooding” and stay above water. Levine thinks the academic studies proving that human fecal matter is polluting the bay are all a “big fat lie.”


Unfortunately, those efforts have hit a snag – and now the sea level rise fighting Mayor is denouncing one of his City Commissioners for working with Florida International University Scientists and federal researchers that discovered his city Miami Beach is pumping human waste into the coastal waters of Biscayne Bay at an alarming rate.

Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez doesn’t seem like a likely candidate to face off against the multi-millionaire Mayor who invested $2,000,000 into his first race for political office to get elected in 2013, in an election with only 10,000 votes.

Rosen-Gonzalez doesn’t have any big bucks. She’s not a lawyer or a lobbyist, but rather an Associate Professor at Miami-Dade College and part-time realtor who lives on Miami Beach.

Rosen-Gonzalez was a first time political candidate last year, “In my case, I had 10% of the funds of her opponent, but because Miami Beach is small enough, I literally put on a backpack and I walked the city and met everybody who voted for me,” said the dogged professor who earned her title as Commissioner the hard way without a lot of big campaign dollars, “I stood on a bridge, for months, saying you have to vote for me because everyone wanted one person to be on the commission who didn’t have to take money from special interests.”

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