There can be lasting peace in the Middle East. Lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace is achieved through direct negotiations between the two parties. A Jewish state can peacefully share a border with a Palestinian state. Actions by the UN General Assembly and militancy by the Palestinian Authority have only gotten in the way of progress.

To achieve peace, we must be prepared to:

  • Support talks that are direct and bilateral.
  • Encourage both sides to make key good—faith compromises.
  • Support and work closely with Israel.

Iran is a nation that is attempting to export its radical revolutionary ideology by supporting terrorist proxy groups —  Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip — which carry out attacks on civilians, as well as support for the rogue regimes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.  We need to use our influence to push back against Iran and to contain them like the U.S. contained the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  That will protect both Israel and the United States.