Orderly immigration has been the foundation of American growth since its founding.  Since most illegal immigrants overstay their visas, building a wall on the Mexican border, at an estimated cost of $70 billion, is no way to handle the problem.

I believe in a fair immigration plan that will allow DREAMERS to stay, find a path to citizenship for those here under Temporary Protection Status (TPS), that will not split families, and that allows an eventual path to citizenship will make us stronger as a nation.

I also believe that we must fight efforts to discriminate against immigrants who are of a particular ethnic, racial, or religious group.

I find the Administration’s efforts to impose a self-proclaimed “Muslim ban” to be both unconstitutional and un-American.  In addition, the Administration’s attempt to coerce communities into enforcing federal immigration law at the expense of receiving federal funds violates the doctrine of separation of powers that our constitutional democracy is built upon.